The All in One iOS App for Karaoke enthusiasts !!!



Import your files and folders with iTunes Sharing 

No Subscription No Surprise !!!

The imported songs will always remain with you, do not worry !! You can have fun wherever you want even without network coverage because the app works in offline !!!

Sing or play your instrument on backing tracks

Player is able to reproduce  Mp3 Mp3+G Midi Files. You can change the pitch and speed to adapt it to your needs

High Quality Sound Bank

Midi files playing realistically thanks to huge Gm-Gs soundbank included

Audio Input DSP Engine

DSP includes equalizer, dynamics compressor, 2 independent multi effects (Reverb, Chorus, Flanger, Delay, Distortion)

Amazing MidiFile Vocal Harmonizer

Records your voice (or instrument) live and harmonize you as you are singing (and or playing). It picks up incoming audio and generates various harmonies at different pitches reading them from midi file track


Record your performance. You can edit it after setting the appropriate effects and then you can export it to your PC or share it

Lyrics on TV

If your device's screen looks small, you can always view the lyrics of backing tracks on a TV

Midi Files Editing

Change the parameters of midi files and save them non-destructively. You can always restore the original parameters!


Create your own playlists by inserting the songs: you can change the playback order and change the pitch and speed for each song